Teacher’s Workshop/Training

Good teachers become great teachers by going beyond the call of duty and beyond the textbook. To do this, he or she must continue their education. There are conferences, workshops, and continuing education that could give the teacher that extra help in technology for their students. There are online workshops, and classes that teachers could attend as well as on-site workshop and classes. Administrators should encourage their teachers to continue their education as well as make opportunities available for them to do so. Moreover, administrators and districts should offer to either pay or help pay for the classes and workshops. There are workshops on how to integrate technology into the classroom and how to make it cross curricular. There are also conferences that will have several workshops all at one time so that teachers and administrators can go to more than one workshop at a time. These conferences will give the teacher the information and tools they need to integrate technology in the classroom as well as CPDUs (Continuing Professional Development Units) to help their career.