Clubs at Genius’ Planet School are enrichment spaces that give students the freedom to explore their interest as a focused activity for joy and  a sense of accomplishment. These clubs also present students with the opportunities to get involved with the community, solve real-world problems and have stimulate their creativity cells. Through these clubs our students get a platform to deepen their knowledge, and develop personal-social skills related to the world of work. Engagement with a club of their own choice gives students an opportunity to be stake holders for leadership training. The teacher acts as a facilitator guide.

Environment Club

Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues is the main purpose of the School’s Eco Club.

Club Activities: 

  • Tree plantation drives.
  • Organizing campaigns and rallies like ‘Say no to Poly Bags’, ‘Say no to crackers’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Energy’, and ‘Green and Clean City’.
  • Projects initiated and undertaken for eco friendly surroundings like Rain Water Harvesting. Project and regular maintenance of compost pits and green house in the school premises.
  • Participation of students in various intra and inter school events.

Participation in community activities related to ecology.

Language Club


Social Club


  • To highlight that “service to man is service to God.”
  • To make them aware of the harsh realities of life by taking them on a visit to orphanages and old age homes.

Health and Hygiene Club


  • Recognize the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Appreciate the importance of hygiene.
  • State the necessity of personal, environmental and food hygiene.
  • To highlight the importance of first aid.
  • To teach students simple first aid techniques.